Weigh-In Wednesday

Ok I know it's not Wednesday but I did write this yesterday I just forgot to hit post... Duh

Yay!  Down just a smidge over a half pound  0.6  putting me at 185.4

 I'm starting to get a little excited about reaching my next goal of 175.  Also our annual Memorial day trip to the River is coming up in a little less that 3 months.  I'd actually like to lose another 15lbs by then and be smokin hot (totally doable) so that's my goal for now and to get fully back on track with my running.

I've kinda been slaking in that department so I have to find a race quick and sign my butt up so it holds me accountable and I don't look like a complete idiot, cause you know that just being healthy isn't enough motivation it requires being terrified of  looking like a dumb ass.  Yup I guess do what works, hey that's what got me through my half mary.

and just because here is a random pic of my bi monthly
Sam's Club visit

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  1. Oh my gosh that is sooooo true. Healthy? Sounds good, but please don't let me look stupid at a race! :) Congrats on the loss, Alma!


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