Geckos, The Munchies and Weigh-in

Let me start this post by saying it was written on Monday and again I forgot to hit publish geesh.

I feel like I'm losing my mind sometimes.  So it is Wednesday weigh-in day and I was up +0.4lbs  that puts me at 184.6 not the way I was wanting to go, and if you keep reading you'll see why.

I'm kinda bummed I was so motivated last week then.....

My car took a shit again!  Ugg on Wednesday the air went out and froze something (the hubs told me but when he talks cars I feel a little like Charlie Brown when an adult is talking all I hear is waa, waa, waa, waa but anyway) so it was pretty much undriveable until he fixed it. Which meant I had to cancel my Wed. gym session with Soben.

 Then Thursday this happened:

But we ran out of light and it didn't get fixed,  so I had to borrow mom's car again (have I mentioned she is the best mom ever!)  But that also meant no gym again, I know I could should of run but I didn't.  I talked myself into picking up the house because my stepdaughter Ash was visiting (that is actually a BIG  deal as she lives in Arizona and her mom can be, let's just say indecisive so we don't get to see her as often as we'd like) so even though I could have squeezed it in I didn't, and of course a case of the lazies got me and I didn't work out at all.

and this also happened...

DQ was taking out her Leopard Gecko and slipped knocking down the aquarium.  Luckily everyone was all right and Kiyou (her lizard) survived but the aquarium did not.  So it was a mad dash to find a suitable home for it in other wards something it couldn't escape from until we could get to the pet store and replace it.  So I was stressed and used that as an excuse to.

the one positive was my eating was really good all weekend I avoided pizza when DQ and I went over to a friends Saturday and opted for a salad with chicken and dressing on the side instead.....until Sunday afternoon.  I just felt super snackie. The morning started off great on the way to Disneyland we stopped at Starbucks and I got a passion tea unsweetened and a egg white spinach wrap.  We only stayed at Dland for a couple of hours and when I got home I had the rest of my salad.  Then the munchies hit I swear I didn't smoke anything  and I had a serving of cinnamon pita chips, then another, then another... then I had some Peanut Butter Toast Crunch (dry) then some more.  Crap I wasn't even hungry!!  I also made sure to track everything into myfitnesspal.  I didn't go over my calories but it was empty calories and made my feel like crap the rest of the day.  So I'm not to hopeful about weigh-in this week, but it was my fault and I need to take responsibility and move on.

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