Bars, Converse, and Towels

This weekend was filled with so many surprises and they were all good!! 

It actually started on Thursday, the girls and I went out to happy hour at the yard house to celebrate Barbies birthday.  I was actually pretty good only one Blue Moon and one Gobstopper Martini (though I really wanted another 3 they are that good, but I was a driver) and split and appetizer BBQ Chicken Pizza with CareBear.

You have a BABY in a BAR!!!   Yup I'm that mom.

Then the other girls went out to another bar but being the good girl that I am, I took DQ and I back to CareBears for bed.  Also I am totally OK taking DQ to Happy Hour and a restaurant bar, but pretty sure it would be fully frowned upon to take her to a full blown bar at least after 9pm.

When I got home on Friday the Hubs surprised me with a quick overnight at the Mission Inn for a little R&R which was sooo needed and totally awesome!  The hotel was absolutely beautiful and super fancy.  After checking in and freshening up we headed to the Presidential Lounge (named for all the Presidents that have stayed there) for some drinks and piano jazz while we waited for our dinner reservations.  Dinner was YUM and very romantic.  I very rarely eat red meat (just my preference) but I ended up having the filet mignon and it didn't disappoint. 

So romantic *hearts*

It was so nice we really wanted to stay longer but had lots to do Saturday (so we are going to just have to go again darn...lol) But I had a great NSV while I was there.  When I got out of the shower the towel actually wrapped all the way around me!!!  I normally take my own beach towel *hence big ass towel* so I can wrap it around me while I get ready but since this was so last minute I forgot.  It totally made my day.

and finally Saturday afternoon I was so excited to take family pics of my Bestie Kyss, her hub and two dogs.  Then I got this surprise

I'm going to be an AUNTIE!!  I'm so excited.  When we got to the location I asked if the had any ideas, and they said a few then pulled out these tiny Converse.  I totally freaked and started to cry.  I am just so happy for them.  They are going to be such awesome parents.  So "family" pics were actually announcement pics.

How was your weekend?    Did you have any surprises?

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