Weigh-In Wedensday

Neither up nor down...

I stayed the same 186 and I guess that's good it's not horrible I was just hoping to lose at least a pound. Things have been a bit busy this week (I know what's new) DQ is VIP at school which meant we had to do this awesome poster over the weekend and my forgetful brain has to remember to bring things like her favorite game, a favorite item to share, and such everyday this week... Also she started soccer this week so now we need to add that into our weekly schedules and switch some things around.

DQ's first soccer practice
Monday was my first training session with SB.  It was great, she is like my own little Jillian Michaels but a little nicer (though my abs wouldn't agree right now.) We started off by taking my measurements and weighing in (which was a little embarrassing I know that sounds weird since I share my weight here for the whole interweb to see but doing it one on one in person was a little frightening) and calculating my body fat,  then we got to work. We worked on arms and abs.  Once I get used to the moves I planning to share them on here for any one interested :)

The plan is to  do two sessions a week for a month and  her over all goal for me is to get from 33.5% body fat to about 28% body fat.  I really wish I had calculated my body fat to see what my progress is so far but oh well.  I'm very excited about this because then I will be very close to being out of the overweight ranges and into the healthier range.

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