Sh*t Just Got Real

I can't believe it's finally here!!

Tomorrow is the Surf City Half Marathon, and to tell you the truth I'm so excited, scared, happy, nervous, proud, and any other emotion you can think of.  Four months ago when I signed up for this I was very unsure if I was gonna be able to do it...to be completely honest I'm still unsure (really I'm not trying to be self deprecating I'm just being truly honest here) but what I do know is that I am prepared and that is all I can be.  I have worked hard, trained hard and even given up time with my family to get to this point (that has been the hardest part and I am working on a post about that so stay tuned).  It has been stressful and fulfilling all at the same time so no matter what happens I know I have tried my best...and holy crap I ran 73.5 miles this month alone!

Here I am Thursday on my last training run it was bitter sweet and I came to the realization that shit just got real!!     This is it.

Wearing my very cute new shirt for Sunday to make sure
it "felt right" I LOVE the color and it has cute flattering runching up the front.

Erin and I hit up the Expo on Friday to pick up our bibs and stuff, it was pretty cool we walked around a bit (I was actually surprised at how small the expo was for how big the race is going to be, at least 20,000 strong) anyway it was well organized and we breezed through it in no time.  Then Erin was a gem and drove the course so I could get a visual and mentally prepare.  It is definitely more "hilly" than where I run but nothing to major I hope, and the last four miles are on a decline so that is way good.

Tomorrow this will be reality and much more sweaty!


  1. Good luck!! Looking forward to reading about how it goes!!

  2. Good luck on your half marathon!


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