I had a great weekend full of bonding time with my girls (the Hubs is still not a 100% so he rested up some more, I can't wait till he kicks this thing, at least he's finally on meds).

On Friday TaTa and I had a date night. I was majorly craving a burger and had a free burger waiting for me a Red Robin cause of my birthday... And who am I to turn down a free burger!  But that meant some planning as Red Robin is not the most diet friendly. So we headed to the gym first to get our sweat on, and did an hour of intense elliptical work. Yea baby I burned over 800 cals. there was my burger!  

I kicked some 19 year old butt on the elliptical!!

My Blue burger, I did lighten it up a bit my subbing
a Boca Patty and Whole Grain bun, and it was so worth the sweat!
Then after my run on Sunday morning DQ asked what we were doing, she said she wanted to "go some where?" Well I though about hitting up Disneyland but I think we are planning a mid week trip so... I figured we could go up and visit my mom.  It's only about a 40 min. drive so off we went.  It was nice, but  cold .  We went to lunch then walked over to my brothers.  DQ's "other" favorite place, seeing as he has a few of her favorite animals, horses.  Oh my goodness she was in heaven.

DQ giving Kyra some love.

And she even found the last little bit of snow from Friday.

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