Too Much Red...Velvet That is...

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day and and equally good President's Day weekend... YAY for three day weekends!!

I have been busy with lots of fun things the last few days and maybe a bit over indulgent with Valentine's Day and my birthday just a few days away (Tuesday to be exact).  The Hubs and I don't really do much for the hearts and flower day but my sweet kiddos at work love to shower us with sugar.  This is just a small bit of what I got

I know can you believe it It was so hard to resist and truth be told I didn't :(   DQ and I actually spent the night at CareBears (I had a photo shoot but then that was cancelled) so we spent the night anyway and Nelle stopped by so we had a Man Haters Woman Club Meeting  great girls night.  CB and I started with a trip to the gym (which I almost walked out and forgot DQ, but I did only get just past the kid's club door then realized it) in my defense it was a different gym...hell who am I kidding it was still a total #mommyfail  

Then we had dinner and yes that yummy looking red velvet cake for dessert along with 2 whipped vodkas and strawberry fizzy water.  My plan was only to have a few bites but it was so damn good and we demolished it between the 3 of us and DQ made quick work of the strawberries so at least that was one less temptation.  I felt pretty bad about the cake especially after the great week I had last week, and the fact that I  haven't run at all this week. The crappy thing is there really was no reason to skip my runs, yes I was busy but I could have squeezed in at least a mile I was just being a lazy ass.  Also a bit of that old mentality of "I did so good last week I can slide just a bit" came creeping his ugly butt back in. 

It hit even harder the last few days on the scale (I do still weigh myself everyday but I only "count" my Wednesdays as my weight for the week) it has been slowly creeping up so I'm not super at all confidant about this weeks weigh-in.  But on a good note, though the scale will most likely not be in my favor, I have already taken some steps to get through it.  As soon as I got home I went through and just chucked all the candy and crap straight into the trash not even saving it for a treat for DQ.  I also planned out my meals for the week keeping it simple and healthy and getting my ass moving again.


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