Weigh - In Wednesday

It's not as bad as I thought I am only up 0.2 lbs. (186.0)  it still stings a bit, but there is no one to blame but that damn red velvet cake myself.  I'm really glad that I chucked the rest of that candy I don't know how I would have faired.  As Im sure I've mentioned I'm an out of sight out of mind type of person, so once it was gone there was no temptation.

Yesterday was my birthday and wanna know what I did?? absolutely nadda,  actually that's not true I went to the gym and sweat my ass off came home and made myself a really yummy dinner of Tilapia, brown rice,  and veggies (this has been my go to dinner/lunch lately and I really love it super easy to cook,  quick and tastes great).  It was a great birthday!  The Hubs and girls asked if I wanted to go out I said no and really I didn't it was nice just to relax and do my normal routine, also Papa is going to be taking us out for my Bday on Friday and I really didn't need to go out twice lol.   Also The Hubs has been asking what I want for my birthday for a few weeks and I honestly couldn't think of anything...I know crazy right??  I told to just hold on and that he could just pay for my next race entry.  Then when I was at the gym I was talking to my old trainer and she told me they were having some really great specials on training.  So I think I'm going to change it up and let The Hubs know that I want that instead.  
Couldn't help it this is funny,
and true in some cases...


  1. I am the same with certain foods around. If it's not around, I don't think about it or eat it. I love the meme! I should post it to my facebook. :)

  2. I feel so spoiled when I have a personal training session. Happy Belated Birthday!


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