Perfectly P!NK

I got the best birthday surprise!  On Thursday I was hanging out at work waiting for CareBear so we could hit up the gym when one of our parents came in to the office and starting chatting.  Then asked if anyone liked P!NK?....

 Ummm HELLO!! this girl right here <----

I freaked I LOVE her and totally want to be her, have you seen that bod? I calmly said that my daughter (TaTa) and I love her and were pretty bummed because we had tried to get tickets for her concert  but they were sold out.  Then the heavens opened and angles started to sing he said he had two, TWO!! extra tickets OMG.  I offered to buy them but he said no....and just GAVE them to me WHAT??  Holy crap I about passed out I could not believe it.  I texted TaTa a picture and she called me freaking out it was fantastic.

So then this was Saturday in a nutshell:

Best Birthday surprise EVER!

TaTa and I on our way to LA

Gotta love hate LA traffic thank goodness we gave ourselves
2  hours to get there, even though it's only 44 miles from us.
At Staples Center

It was by far the best concert I've been to.  She is so awesome, tons of energy, and damn she is fit.  She did all kinds of ariel stunts and singing the whole time that takes talent folks (I can't even run and talk lol).  I loved it!!  Thank you, Thank you for the best birthday ever!

*(kinda bummed I didn't take more pics of "the show" but I was just enjoying it so much that I totally forgot about the camera)

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  1. I would to see Pink! That is so awesome you got to go. I am glad you had a fun time!


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