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Welp it's been just about a week since the half marathon, and things are going just peachy.  I have felt pretty good I took a good three days off from running, but I did go to Aqua on Monday & Wednesday Tuesday was laundry, dishes, homework, laundry, meal prep for the week oh and did I mention laundry god does it ever end a rest day. Then Thursday I was back at it, I did and easy 3.34 miles I had only planned on 2 but it was so nice and crisp outside,  my family is loud I was enjoying the calm and  I felt great, my legs were working and there was just a little tightness in my calf (I really need to get better on stretching before and after runs).

So I have been thinking about what I'd like to do next... Another half?  YES... right way? NO....
Erin and a few other running friends are doing the OC Half in May and I really did think about it, but...

1) It's pretty hilly
I run where I live and it's pretty flat. So I'd like to find some place a little "hilly" and work on some hill repeats and get used to the elevation changes.
2) I'd really like to work on being more consistent with my endurance and speed.
Some of you might think "What the heck Alma??  You've been running for like 2-3 hours  every Sunday!"  and I'd be like "I know WTF have I turned into lol!"  But what I mean is I would like to be more consistent.  I would like to actually RUN longer distances.  I normally run 2 miles or so then walk (fast) anywhere between .10-.25 of a mile.  I would really like to get to the point where I can run a full 5-6 miles and ultimately a full Half.  As for speed my average was a 12min 50sec. mile I'd like to see that get to an even 12 at this point.

Though I have not done "bad" on the weight loss front I really thought I would be further along by now (I kinda stayed stagnate for the last few months).  I know that I am much more fit, and my body can do things I never thought possible....but the darn weight is coming off soooo slowly.  During my training I kinda put weight loss on the back burner, it was always there and I did eat healthy but I was solely focused on training and running.  Everything else wasit seemed was on hold.  I'd really like to get back and focus on weight-loss and becoming more rounded and I guess, balanced. It also doesn't hurt that summer is coming and I really want to look good for our river trip in May.

Last But NOT Least!!!

4) Family
I'd like to spend a bit more time with the FamBam.  Don't get me wrong I actually don't have Mommy Guilt.  I love my gym time and my running time.  It's me time and I need that, deserve that!  It makes me a happier mommy, wife, person.  But the pretty strict schedule I did for my half marathon training and the fact that I stayed late and/or overnight at work/CareBears house to get all my mileage in was hard.  I was away from the Hubs 2 nights a week and when I was home I was prepping meals, lunches, overnight bags for the days I would be gone.  And not to mention my house it was a wreck Yes I have a teenager that was home but we all know how much they really do. but on a positive note it's not like she missed me lol... 

So all in all this is why I'm not going to do another Half right away, (but I will be doing a few "fun runs" and a 10k or two).  Though I'm pretty sure I'll be ready to do another by the end of the year seeing as how Erin and I have agreed to do the Diva 1/2 in December :)

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  1. I see Laughing Cow Cheese in there. MMM MMM MMM, it is a staple in my healthy eating life. YUMM


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