Wednesday Weigh-In

Good Morning.  How's everyone doing today?   Here not to bad, still feeling pretty good nothing has tightened up on me (yet) and my knees are starting to loosen up with the help of some Advil.

Today's weight is 189.9 so up almost 1 pound but I'm happy about that.  I was worried I would be up a lot more and actually was on Monday.  I attribute it to all the carb loading and shit ton of water I drank prior to the race.  Also the extra salt from the Gu Brew is probably working it's self out.

So I'm making sure to drink a ton of water and am doing really well on the eating.  I've cut those "extra" snacks like I said I would.  I did skip my run yesterday just to give my self an extra rest day, but will be back to it on Thursday, also I will hit up the gym tonight for another Aqua class.

This is what I did instead of running yesterday :)

Celebrating DQ's 100th Day of Kindergarten

Then we relaxed in the spa with Daddy for a while

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