Tattoos, Punk, and Soccer Mom

I have a little secret I love punk music and tattoos. In high school I was that weird chick with black hair,  red lips, who wore all black and Doc Marten boots up to my knees... I know can you believe how normal I turned out... Well sort of :)

So Friday was a throw back to my youth.  After work the girlies and I went to the Musink festival (a tattoo and music festival) which was pretty sweet. We met up with our friends D&D and enjoyed some awesome art and great music. We were really excited to see The Vandals and Bad Religion they still got it!  It was a great show and everyone was so nice even the tattooed freaks lol oh wait I'm one of those.   And to top it off I did really good with my eating though I did have a few beers.

We got home around 1:00AM (that, I am to old for yikes) then Saturday morning reared it's ugly head to soon and off we went to DQ's 8:00AM soccer game.  Followed by OZ the Great and Powerful.  TaTa of course bought a huge popcorn and I had NONE of it!! I was resolved to stay on track and the fact that I was so tired I was lucky to even stay awake for the movie  helped.

I made home made pizza's on Saturday and they were so yummy.  For mine I actually used a Light Flat Out instead of the regular crust. It was pretty yummy I'm thinking I'll make it again and post the recipe. It really was that good.


  1. I love punk music too! That sounds like a lot of fun!! And, how you resisted movie theater popcorn I will never know! Great job!

  2. Confession: I was in a ska-punk band (don't judge me) called Hole In One. Our patches (diy, of course) featured a golf course with the 19th hole. One of our big hits was "Bob Saget, You Rule".

    I'm pretty sure I just got a lot cooler. And by "cooler" I mean you're probably embarrassed for me.

    (Also, when did 1:00 a.m. get to be sooooooo late? Seriously.)

    1. Kelly you have always been cool but now you just reached rockstar status!!! I love it... any chance I can get a copy of your best selling single :)


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