For the last 11 yrs. I have looked forward to this week, but this year I am scared, yes totally scared shitless...  What is so special about this week you ask?? Well I am a teacher and this week is Teacher Appreciation week at my school.  I work at probably the best school in the world the teachers friends there are amazing the students cute as buttons and the parents are well, freaking AWESOME!! When I say we are appreciated we truly are and boy the school, and parents show it.  So why does this week have me shaking in my Chuck Taylors well as often as we suggest that we enjoy healthy snacks (like I have said before, I work with all women and you know us always on the diet train) we inevitably get the homemade cookies, the incredible cheese danishes from the little french place down the way, and mugs filled with chocolate. UGGG these are my ultimate weakness, I can totally drive by In-n-Out, Taco Bell, hell even McDonalds and not bat an eyelash but put a cookie in front of me and watch out...So this is why I'm a little worried going into the week.  I know I can have one, or just a little of "whatever" but I CAN'T!!  That is a problem for me I am the kind of girl that is "outta sight outta mind" if I don't see it I really don't crave it (hence that is why I keep very little of that stuff in my house only the bare minimum for the kids & husband and stuff I don't care for so I'm not tempted).  So my willpower will be put to the test this week and it's gonna be one helluva a fight. Wish me luck.

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