No More

OK so that's it I finally had it with being (as my friends and I kindly put it) "fluffy", I DON'T WANT to be fluffy any more. I want to be solid,  sexy, hot...happy.  Honestly I'm not sure exactly what the the last fluff ball was, maybe trying to find a cute outfit for my daughters up coming High School graduation, or everyone at work talking about losing weight ( I work with all women so this topic cycles often as you can imagine), but what I think it was is, is my daughter Ta-Ta (her baby sis's nickname for her). She is absolutely beautiful all tall and curvy, and has a ton of style and can wear anything...yay one of those and she's mine, so really  can't hate her, well I could but then really I'd be kinda' a shitty mom and really do we need any more of those in the world. Anyway every time I we are together or I have introduced her to someone, it's always the same wow you guys look so much alike, and I always look at her and think really I DO NOT look like that I wish, hell I'd give my second born to look like that, ok maybe not give but sure as shit loan her out for a while (she can be quite the drama queen). So my comeback is always and I do mean always "haha ya she is the young, hot, thin version of me" believe me this gets the laughs. ;) One day i was like really I want to be that version of me, I can will be that version of me...so now the journey or fight as I like to put it begins.

Me and the Drama Queen

The young, hot, thin version of me 

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