Not Going to Do It!

So Wednesday was  "weigh-in" day and this week I have been awesome!! Kept on track with eating and writing everything, and I mean everything down even the lick of the spoon when making Drama Queen her PB&J.  And to top it off I have done some kind of exercise everyday YES EVERY FRICKIN DAY!!  So I felt great when I stepped on the scale then I look down and...well shit I only lost 0.6 pounds.  I know,  I know I should be happy about that,  just over 1/2 pound but come on ugg!  And I must admit it has put me in a funk, enough so that yesterday was my scheduled longer run and I totally blew it off, now I really feel like shit double ugg. So short story longer  (I'm really good at that) as I woke up this morning feeling like a big ol' loser i promised myself i would not fall off the wagon just because of some slow progress, everyday I have to remind myself this is not temporary this is what it is going to be FOREEVER!!!  really I'm starting to get used to it, not saying there won't be some bumps or hell even a head on collision once in a while but I need to be happy with any progress no matter how small and know that I am healthier if not thinner  for it !

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