Vacation Time

Woop Woop it's vacay time!!! Every year for the last 27 years me and my whole family (mom,dad, stepmom, long story but it ends well , my brother and his fam so ya everyone) goes to the river over Memorial day for a week.  It's fun times, can you tell I'm excited (maybe just a bit).  I was a little worried at first, (is it me or do I always "seem a little worried" oh well) anyway like I was saying I was a tad bit worried about going on vacation this upcoming week and what it's going to do to my weight loss goals, but after a successful week of avoiding all the crappy crap food during teacher appreciation week I feel that I can control myself and be master of my goals (haha sounds pretty epic). 

I know that there will be tons of  not so good for me food there but I am going into it prepared.  I am making a list of healthy options for myself and going to bring what I need to keep on track, like fresh fruit instead of chips, I'm really enjoying oatmeal with a tad of peanut butter in the morning so I'll stick with that instead of the fried eggs and bacon, or the chrizo and beans that is the favorite.  Also for lunch I'm thinking turkey sandwiches or some of those pre-cooked chicken breasts from Sam's Club (easy and healthy).  Dinner will probably just small portions of whatever everyone else is having.  We all take turns making a breakfast and a dinner and for lunch/snacks we bring our own so I'm going to make sure the two meals I'm responsible for are healthy and yummy. 

I also plan to at least walk and maybe throw in a run but it is supposed to be over 100+ the week we are there and I really hate, HATE working out in the heat and though the trailer is air-conditioned there is just no room to work out in there to a DVD  so the plan is to wake up early or go late and walk around the campsite. I would love to comeback from vacation having lost a pound or two but I will settle be happy with not gaining.

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