Not That Bad

Yayyyy Meee!!!! I am so happy this week has not been as bad as I thought.  Yes there were doughnuts, yes there were cookies, and even cake, but I have done awesome.  Today was the first day I had even a bite of that crap and YES it was just a bite (a tiny, tiny bite of homemade mini cupcake with chocolate frosting).  I Think weigh-in helped with this. I was just so excited to see the scale actually move down (3 whole pounds) that it kept me motivated enough to not put that crap in my mouth and risk seeing the damned scale go up.  The funny thing is I also haven't done as much exercise as I did the week before (due to TaTa's graduation)  WEIRD???.  I'm thinking that maybe I was actually going to low in my calories I try to stay between 1300-1400 and the week before I was just making 1300 then running or doing the Just Dance game on the Wii (that thing is awesome and so much fun hardly feels like a workout...until the next morning anyway) which was burning anywhere from 150-350 calories.  I'm no expert but that is the only thing I can think of as to why the scale barley budged the week before... Anyone have any thoughts?  

TaTa and I just before Graduation

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