Kindergarten Weigh-In

LOL I just couldn't help it with the title... Hope everyone had a fun and safe Labor Day?  We had a great 3 day weekend filled with good friends, family and of course the requisite ton of  yummy food.  So I'm only down .2 pounds so I'm 199.6, not bad considering all that wine yummy food I mentioned before and I did skip one day at the gym and actually had two rest days in a row.  

But the good news is everything is quickly getting back to normal or some degree of it anyway.  Drama Queen starts kindergarten today, so summer is officially over.  Now to get back into a routine which I'm still trying to figure out since I really haven't had to worry about a kid in school for the last 4 years or so. Yes there is/was TaTa but when your in high school and now college you pretty much figure it out on your own and god forbid you ask your parents for help sheesh.

I did start back on my running schedule so I think that is a start and yesterday was my first "back on the wagon"  run and it was flippen hard! It amazes me how fast your body can forget. I warmed up with a 5 min brisk walk the ran for 2 miles slow as a snail but I felt great and my brain and body weren't ready to quit but my feet on the other hand felt differently. So we came up with a compromise and walked (briskly) another 2 miles for a total of 4.1miles.
sweet! So my plan as of now is to run on Tue, Thurs, & Sun and squeeze classes in between :)

Drama Queens first day of Kindergarten

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  1. Congrats on starting up the running schedule again. I got off mine for a week, and thought I might die when I started up yesterday! Btw, DQ looks too cute!!


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