Cupcakes & Running... What????

OMG! I think I'm dreaming I was catch up on all most of my blog reading (this has been sorely neglected due to the massive screaming I have been enduring during the day which in turn causes me to find a dark quiet closet somewhere and rock back and forth until bed time)...I kid you not.

Any who I was catching up and ran across the most awesome thing I've seen a Cupcake Run.... Yes you heard that right Jess over at Run with Jess is hosting a Virtual 5k Run called the Cupcake Classic during the week of Oct 14th-21st.  Basically a virtual run is a race running/jogging/walking a specified distance, timing yourself, without actually being present in a race location.  Then the best part of this race is after your "race" you go treat yourself to a cupcake! Now that is a race I can so get into!   It's totally free to do just sign up, but she does have these very cute medals and even cuter shirts for purchase if you want them and of course I want so I ordered one of each :)

 If you'd like more info on Jess's Cupcake Classic click here.  I am so looking forward to it and it will give me a goal to work towards seeing as how I won't be able to run the race I was planning for Sept. for no other reason than I totally lagged and didn't sign up and I really don't feel it seeing as how I have also been totally lagging in the running department.  Though I am coming back strong!

and seriously how cute is her button...

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  1. Nice reward! In Port Dalhousie (not far from where I live in Hamilton, Ontario), there is a chocolate race in April. They give you chocolate covered strawberries at the water stations and the recovery food is chocolate croissant, chocolate milk, and more chocolate covered strawberries and marshmallows. I ran it this year, but did not eat any of the chocolate!


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