My Ears Are Bleeding!!!

Ok so I totally failed on the weigh-in...I'm fing up to 200.8! Ugh...up 1.2 pounds

But I'm not letting it get me down, I totally know why it's up... I've been eating like crap, ok actually I've been eating ok but snacking like crazy on crap! And again I know the reason, it's September, and that my friends is the beginning of the new school year which means new kids and pretty much hell for me...
 I've mentioned it before but I am a Pre-school teacher and I teach the 2 yr. old class most of which have never been in school or away from their parents before *(why oh why do parents do this it's NOT a good thing, it is OK to leave your kid with a sitter or family friend or anyone who is not an axe murder or cult member. I know you love your kids more than anything in the world, just like I love mine most of the time but never leaving them for a second when they are babies then all of a sudden when they are 2 you drop them off to a complete stranger in a place they are unfamiliar with, and then wonder why they are screaming their heads off??? Come on it's not rocket science.  If you ever plan on taking your little bundles of joys to pre-school when they hit that magic #2 just remember practice makes perfect go out and have some grown-up time and show them you come back both of you will be happier for it!  and believe me your kids teachers will forever be grateful!!*

OK I'm off my soapbox now...but all that being said I am an emotional eater especially when I'm stressed so lock me in a classroom full of 17 kiddos, 6 of whom are screaming their heads off and making my ears bleed and yes I am running straight to the red vines, cookies, and anything else thats in the staff room.

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