I made it ...by the skin of my teeth!!

Just barley

But I did it!!

I was super happy when I jumped on the scale on Wednesday and was so pumped to write up my post...then unfortunately I got a call from my brother that my Dad  was in the hospital (I'll tell you guys about it in another post, he's doing ok now but it was a scary day) so pretty much my day was consumed with that.

Now that things are pretty much back to normal (for now) I can totally relish in the fact that I AM UNDER 200LBS!!  and that this time it's for good I NEVER want to see that number again.

The month has been a tough one for weight loss for me... basically it took me all freakin month to lose 3 lbs, come on really???   I have taken a good long look at what was happening this month from my food logs to schedules and exercise to try and figure out what the heck was going on. I mean I did start going to the gym and I spend so much time there the hubs may start to think I'm having an affair with a tread mill you'd think I have abs of steel by now! But what I think it comes down to is running, or the lack of it. I am totally working butt off, I've been going to the gym 5 days a week for at least an hour and doing lots of classes but they are mostly weights and core training and I think my body just really needs that cardio to drop the weight. So though I've been led slightly astray by all the glitz and glamour of all those hot sweaty men classes I have to get back to what works and that's running plain and simple.  I will keep doing a few classes like Aqua and BodyPump but I will have to make running a staple and go back to 3 times a week...uggg.


  1. Congratulations on breaking through to the other side!! I'm glad you're still keeping with some classes, gotta have some fun workouts too!

  2. I'm so sorry your dad was in the hospital. I know how scary it is for not only you (and the rest of your family) but to him as well. I'm glad he seems to be doing a bit better.

    However....WOO FREAKIN' HOOOOO for hitting Onederland!!!! That's so stinkin' exciting! You're really doing such a great job and it's very inspiring. I've been on a little break from, well, a lot of things due to poor health myself but I'm starting to finally feel better (and am FINALLY getting back to blogging this weekend, geesh!!) and you're post was so inspiriting. Congrats!!


  3. Glad to hear your dad is ok, and congrats on hitting ONEDERLAND!!


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