H 2 Oh My!

I have fallen in love...  Channing Tatum  professed his undying love for me  I found aqua aerobics (about the same thing right??)  My gym has soooo many classes I though I would start giving them a try to find out what I like and what won't totally kill  embarrass me.  So of course I start with something that puts me in a bathing suit around all these hot sweaty buff men (the pool is near the "beef cake room" or the weight area as others call it lol) ya that's not embarrassing in the least!

I went in Saturday for the morning Aqua class and though I wasn't the youngest one there in all my 37 year old glory it was close lol... So I totally though it was going to be some easy peasy class but let me tell you those oldies but goodies could kick some aqua butt!!! At points I even had to stop to take a breath  who knew you could sweat in a pool? or do a push-up  yea go figure, and my abs and legs were screaming by the end.  But I loved it  not quite as much as Tatum and they offer it 4 days a week so I think I'm going to stick with Saturdays and also do the Wednesday class that way I'll have some free days to do my own thing and try out a few other classes.

Oh on a different note Drama Queen is back safe and sound from Texas and is already bugging about the gym good thing I'm not bored yet :)  She has also informed my that we will be going everyday so I can lose more pounds...that's my girl!

You go girl!

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  1. That sounds like such a fun class!! Lucky! Glad you are enjoying the gym!!


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