You scream I scream

Just a quick post about something amazing... I think these LSC (life style changes) are finally catching on and becoming a habit!!

I'm sure most of you know I have a MAJOR sweet tooth and pretty much have to have dessert everyday.  Every time I would start a diet I would swear of sweets ya like that worked, then a few weeks down the line would binge like crazy on anything I could get my hands on be it a box of cookies or a tub of ice cream or both.  So when starting this "new" healthy life I had to figure out a way to incorporate my sugar addiction,  I decided I would just give in but on a way smaller scale.  So yes I still have dessert but I keep it with in reason like 2-3 cookies instead of as box, a small brownie and not the pan a scoop of ice cream not the carton.  I will admit it was hard at first and sometime still is but I am getting way better at it and sometimes it even come naturally. 

A before and after of choices. On the left is the now, one regular scoop  and the giant red mug
is what I used to eat filled to the top and packed in.


  1. Like you, I have also found a way to fit in my sweets and eat them in moderation. I would also binge if I tried to go a long time without any.

  2. I tried the whole "absolutely no sweets" approach and failed quickly. I have a hard time having an entire package of cookies or tub of ice cream in my house, so I usually don't have that stuff around (not fair to my kids, I suppose, but the health benefits will pay off for them as well, I hope) but when I do want a treat, I go buy what I want (like ONE ice cream bar from the store) and thoroughly enjoy it without regret (and yes, I treat my kids, too, LOL). It's all about moderation, which is hard for me because I'm a binge eater forever and always. :/ Just have to find that perfect medium... :)


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