Weigh - In Wednesday #16

The scale was a bit up today and I take full responsibility and I'm actually ok with it...

This week's weight is 202.8 so I'm up a pound.

 I was totally hoping to bust through to Onederland this week but I kinda derailed that.  I did go to the gym every day and even did a double wammy yesterday, but it wasn't quite enough to counter act the late night Jack in the Box run after the concert (which really wasn't to bad 2 tacos and a small Oreo cookie shake but at 2am I guess it wasn't the wisest choice).  Then yesterday I did go to the gym at 3:45am and did a quick 45 min run before work, then after I stayed over at one of my good friends house for girls night.  We started of by taking a 2 mile walk up the biggest hill I'd ever seen then finishing with a quick jog trough the park thank god that was flat sort of. But afterward she made a freaking delish sundried tomato pasta dish complete with garlic bread and lots and lots of wine!  I started to feel a guilty but damn it I just did 2 work outs today I was going to enjoy it.  I have to let myself have a little wiggle room and I'm still gonna hit the gym hard the rest of the week so I know it will come off. . . and yes it was worth it.

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