I'mmmm Baaack....

Sorry it's been so quiet around these parts but that wedding I've been going on about was this past weekend, and boy did it take up more time and energy than I anticipated.  I actually took my laptop with me figuring I would be able to get a few posts in, but hell to the no!!!  It was non stop from the moment we stepped out of the car until we blew that pop stand.  Thank god they are family otherwise I'd have blown a fuse.  I'm not sure why maybe it's my awesome attitude or my all knowing demeanor but some how I turned from wedding photographer to wedding coordinator in 2.4 seconds flat.  Oh well at least it's over and it was a very beautiful and touching wedding (I'll share a few pics when I get them all uploaded 2300 pics take a while lol)

Heading to the wedding

 Oh but just a word to those unmarried folk, your photographer does not want to sit around and watch you and your guests partying hard when all that's left is to take pics of the garter and bouquet toss...get that shit over with so they can go home then party yours butts off...just sayin.

Well after the wedding, which was in Petaluma (about an hour north of San Fransisco) the hubs and I woke up early and totally skipped the brunch we didn't want to get wrangled in to clean up and headed off to Muir Woods to relax and enjoy some us time.  It was very beautiful and cold, yup you heard me right it was freaking cold.  I actually had to stop at Old Navy and pick up a pair of sweat pants and a sweatshirt, and a totally cute chevron print skirt, and a pair of awesome rock star skinny jeans. I don't think it ever hit above 75F I must say it was heaven especially when the temps at home a mere 7 hours away were in the 105+ range. After settling in to the hotel I berated the hubs until he finally relented to go on a hike ( I'm not sure if I have ever mentioned it before but the hubs HATES any kind of exercise, actually he only hates it if it involves him lol.  He is in construction and is pretty much doing physical labor all day every day so he justifies that as not having to do anything at home).  But I guess I annoyed him enough to get him moving and so glad I did it was awesome those old redwoods are so majestic it's unreal.    Oh and I didn't tell him until we were almost done but I put us on the path with the longest hike about 2 miles haha.

Monday was home day OMG 7 hours in the car was killer all I wanted to do was snack and not even because I was hungry it was a total bored thing.  I'm so glad I prepared for that and packed healthy"ish" snacks like rice cakes, trail mix (yes it had chocolate in it come on it was a road trip) some granola bars and Diet Dr Pepper.  That pretty much got me through the trip though we did make one special stop Dewar's Candy Shop in Bakersfield.  They have these fabulous taffies filled with peanut butter and you an only get them there (or they ship but it costs and arm and a leg).  So I did have a few of those then tossed the rest to the back so I couldn't reach them ;).

Overall I did pretty good for the 4 days we were gone drive thru meals consisted of Starbucks Skinny Latte and a Spinach Feta Wraps & Carl's Jr Turkey Burgers.  When we did eat at a restaurant (which wasn't to often due to saving money and time) I stuck with salads *dressing on the side and grilled chicken breast with veggies.  I know I know it was a "vacation" and I totally could have let myself slide a bit but I was still on such a high from the skinny jeans it just kept me motivated to stay on track.

Not that this post isn't long enough but it is weigh-in Wednesday and I was a little nervous but hopped on anyway.........

201.8   HELL YA!!!! I hit the -20lbs mark.  I was down less than a pound but I'm am over the moon!!

Now to hit Onederland.


  1. Sounds like you made some great choices and those redwoods look amazing! Congrats on the loss :)


  2. Congrats on staying on top of your eating while on vacation!! That's always a tricky time! Looks like a fun time those redwoods look amazing


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