There's always room for J-Lo

So this weekend was so much fun!!! It actually started off on Thursday morning no I didn't win the lotto and I still had to go to work Papa came to pick up the Drama Queen to spend 10 days in Texas with him and Grammie Maria.  I have the best parents in the world which my kids totally benifit from seeing as they then have the best Grandparents in the world lol.  

So with being pretty much kid free I decided to kick it off with a new do' 

What do you think?  It is much shorter than anticipated but I love it and it looks sooo much better than that raggedy pony I've been sportin'.

Then my Bestie Krys called me up and surprised me with Enrique Iglesias & JLo concert tickets for Saturday AWESOME!!!  The show was so great Enrique is totally HOT and damn J Lo can bust a move and is pretty hot herself I think I just found my girl crush  and PitBull was there a did a few songs, talk about HOT holy crap!!!

Outside the Honda Center
Krys, Holly, and me.

Then to round out the weekend I got a new gym membership.  I've had one forever and never went then in Jan. I decided to cut my losses and cancel it I mean I wasn't going and I was downsizing trying to save money and pay off some bills.  Well then wouldn't you know it, this healthy fitness thing actually took.  I did really well just running outside and doing Wii fitness games, but then I don't know what happened I went to sleep one night and woke up in the Sahara it got fricken HOT!!!  I tried to feel motivated, tried to run, I just had no motivation.  Then skip forward to the day I got my haircut and the lady next to me was talking about the gym across the street and a seed was planted.

I thought and thought about it,  talked to the hubs, looked into our money woes and then the hubs said something awesome... "Honey your worth it, just do it."  Awww now I remembered why I married you  how sweet. So I did!!  But more on that in the next post....(gotta leave you wanting more right?)

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