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When I started this journey not the first 500 times but this last time I knew it was going to be a forever kinda thing and though I have used Weight Watchers and did well on it. I just couldn't commit to the cost, money is tight. So I scoped out some games weight loss apps on my iPhone and decided on the Loseit! app.  It was pretty user friendly,  no frills, and did the job,  and have lost my first 20lbs using it.  But then I heard about myfitnesspal from a few friends and how much they liked it.  I downloaded it and kinda checked it out but it seemed a little overwhelming at first so it sat there on my phone collecting dust like that shake weight in the corner...lol I really don't have one of those , or do I ???
But fast forward a few weeks into my new gym workouts and while I was working with my Trainer Soben (I bought 3 introduction workout with a trainer to get me pumped)  she asked my if I used any calorie counter or app to track my food and I told her about Loseit!  She then told my about myfitnesspal  (there it was again) and the difference of the two and asked my to just give it a try for one week.

I have to admit I am a convert!  It took a day or two to get used to it but I love it. Here are the two main differences.

1.) Both count calories and basic nutrients, but myfitnesspal keeps track of more of them such as sodium, fat, fiber, and cholesterol.  And it also give you a goal to stay under based on what info YOU put into the app. and tells you if you go over.

2.) myfitnesspal has a HUGE food database almost everything I have looked for is in there even things from smaller lesser known restaurants.  When I would use the Loseit! app I would have a hard time finding things and would have to enter it all manually and sometimes even guess at it.  Both have a bar code scanner but I hardly use it with myfitnesspal because it has almost everything I'm looking for.

So I have now permanently switched over and love it.  Oh and another great feature is they have it set up so you can follow your friends and keep each other motivated. I love that so if any of you all are on it or plan on being on it here is my username AlmaCan1 lets's hook up.

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