Big vs. Little

I finally got a gym membership again....

So I looked into a few gyms, some were cheaper and smaller but that's what I had before.  It was a basic gym with just equipment and I think I just lost motivation.   I've always liked the idea of classes but have never actually tried one when I did have a gym membership with a bigger gym that offered them.  Then there was a gym in between that had equipment and class yay!...Oh wait, what was that ?NO KIDS CLUB! ARE YOU SERIOUS!!  You must not have met my charming, adorable, 5 year old who thinks the gym is better than Disneyland thank god I have that little voice yelling at me to go to the gym.  So that was a big N-O.   After looking and Internet stalking  I decided to check out 24 Hour Fitness, yes I know a big chain but it is actually the closest one to me so I might actually go and this is no ordinary gym...it's like a gym on steroids.   I walked in and instantly  fell in L-O-V-E!  The place is huge has a ton of equipment, a pool, spa, sauna, steam room, classes upon classes, and they are actually open 24 hours so I can go in the morning before work I know 3:45am should be illegal you can kill me now.  And the best part that totally sold me on it was this....

The Kids Club.... Drama Queen is gonna flip when she she's this (she is still at Papa's and won't be home till Sunday)  and as a bonus I will always be at the gym because she will keep asking until I give in just like her dad lol  and go.  Yes it's a little more than I as wanting to pay and, I did pay the extra $20 a month for unlimited Kids Club visits, but it's doable and there is just so much it has to offer that it will take a long time before I get bored I will actually go.

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  1. Wow! That kids club room looks amazing! I'm sure you're little drama queen will LOVE it. And hey, a little extra motivation from her on the days you'd rather curl up with a good book than go get all hot and sweaty is definitely a bonus lol


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