Ahhhh Finally Some Rest...Sort Of...

It was finally a somewhat relaxing weekend!  There really were no major plans so that was nice, I feel like I've been go, go, go for what seems like forever and the next 3 weekends will be back to that.  Mind you it's all fun stuff like girls weekend and concerts but sometimes those are just as much work lol.

The Long Beach Half Marathon is coming up quick (like less that a month.)  I'm actually feeling pretty good about it this time around.  Now, I am nervous but I feel like I am prepared and know what to expect.  This half Mary though I won't be running alone.  One of my girls Barbie will be running with me it will be her first Half and I'm so excited for her.  She is a little nervous at the distance and has never run anything over 6 miles, and has admitted to me that she is having a hard time getting out on the weekends for her long runs.  So we made a plan for her to spend the night Friday and we would do our 8 mile run together.  Now it was my turn to be nervous as I've always said I prefer to run alone.  To me it's my quiet time, and I prefer to listen to music than try to chat god know it takes all I got to just breath and run at the same time and deep inside I'm nervous to run with others because I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up or I will slow them down.  So I told her my concerns and funny thing she had the same ones.  We decide to just take it as it came and neither of us liked chatting while running so that was good :).  

 Saturday at 6:30am we headed out is was finally a cool crisp day and overcast to boot. Perfect running weather.  All I can say is I would run every run with Barbie if I could.  We are actually pretty we'll matched and having someone else there pushed us to do better and not give up as easily as if we were alone.  I'm not gonna lie I probably take way to many walk breaks when I'm running on my own even though I know if I pushed through I could keep going.  With B there it was that little extra push I needed to keep going, and she said the same to me.  We ended up running 8.5 miles at about a 12:08 pace with only 3 quick walk breaks.  

Pretty much when we got home I had to get ready for DQ's soccer game.  I didn't even have time for a shower thank god I wasn't too sweaty.. ya right! 

And after that is was a quick ok not that quick stop at Sam's club for some fruit and nessecities. All that running and running around gave me over double my daily goal of 10000 steps and I was only half way through the day!

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