This weekend was like no other... I'm actually still recovering!   But it was one of the best weekends of my LIFE!

My bestie Kyss finally had her BABY...  Actually she was about a week early but thank goodness she was, her little princess weighed in at 9lbs 7oz  and 21 inches long WOW.

The reason it was so awesome for me, besides my  best friend having her first baby, was I got to be apart of it all.  Early on in the pregnancy Kyss and her hubby T knew they wanted the birth to be private and not a lot of hupla (she has a bit of anxiety so the calmer the better for her) but she did want thanks to pinterest to capture the most special time of her life, and lucky for her, her bestie (me) is a photographer.  So they asked me to be apart of the birth.  Now don't go thinking eeeww  who would want and do vajay jay shots!  They were so not like that.  They just wanted some pics of the little moments the things you really don't think about or remember when all is said and done.  They are very tasteful and NO vag shots at all! 

So I've been on baby watch for the last two weeks so its been kinda nerve wracking making sure to always have my phone and a plan to get out to Palm Springs(about an hour away)  quick.  Also I needed to make sure to have someone at the ready to watch DQ too.  So when she called work on Friday to say it was go time it worked out perfectly.  DQ was at Grammies for school and it was Friday perfect.  I headed out to Palm Springs about 11:30am and everyone was in good spirits when I got there.  Things were mild until about 9pm that's when all the hard labor and pushing began.  Going into it my plan was to lay low and just take pics, but that didn't quite happen... I got some great pics but I also helped first hand! I was holding legs and hands saying things like breath and push harder, I even got  pain induced yelled at by the mommy to be lol.  

It was amazing to say the least.  I had both my girls C Section so I missed out on all the pushing stuff (though not the labor part, with TaTa I was in labor 19 hours before the Dr decided she wasn't coming out so emergency C it was) Then with DQ we just decided to schedule her C.   So it was amazing (can't say that enough) to see it all happen literally

CJ was born at 11:19pm on Friday the 13th... So cool and it's pretty awesome because DQ's birthday is on a 13 to so I've always thought a Friday the 13th birthday is pretty awesome!   Everything went well and mama and baby are doing great and daddy was so GREAT!   

It was a day...weekend I will never forget, and am so blessed that they even thought to ask me to be apart of such an incredible part of their lives.   Here are a few of the images I captured




  1. I love the pics! Congrats to the mama on her sweet baby. Love baby's hair - and the belly rolls? Ohmylanta, too cute!


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