Time for a Change

Ok so seeing as I'm always a day late for weigh-in I was thinking I will just change up my weigh in day to Thursday... Duh why didn't I do that sooner... and I will also be consistent and weigh in on my scale (because I'm now at Carebears on  Wednesday mornings so I was weighing in on hers.).

So I still haven't been consistently under the 170's. this week was 170.4 really again I'm really starting to hate that number.  But I'm trying to accept it.  The reason is I have a HUGE NSV!!  Showing that even though the number on the scale is not really moving I'm still losing and or at least changing my body (for the good).   Well what happened was I spent the usual night at CBs and packed all my stuff forgetting that we were to wear red white & blue for Patriots Day on Wednesday. I asked CB I she had a shirt I could borrow ( side note this is another NSV Being able to borrow my friends clothes) and this was all she had

Yup that's a freaking MEDIUM!! Holy shit I don't think I've worn a medium anything since junior high. How awesome is that, it made me realize a little more that the scale is just a number and things are changing but I would still really like to see that shit move down, not gonna lie!

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