Really I change my weigh in to Thursday because I'm always a day late a look what freaking happens I'm late!

Well this time was because yesterday was my back to school night. I'm  usually not nervous because I've done them for so long but this year it was a new age group a new team and a few new things we're doing this year, so it took a little more prep work.  Any way it's over, it went well I got a few laughs and everything was covered win-win.

So on to weigh -in.  I was down this week by quite a bit 168.6.  I really wasn't expecting it...I always hope lol but really with the whole baby weekend I ate like crap.  I was at the mercy of anyone who would bring us something.  I tried going to the cafeteria to try and find some healthy option but by the time I got out to look it was closed.  So it was pretty much trail mix diet coke and McDonalds  which I have to admit I was kinda stoked about I haven't had a full on McD's Value meal in a while, but when I actually ate it I was pretty disappointed.  I suppose that's a goos thing!

So due to the less than stellar eating this week I stayed on track I've been super hungry so I have been above my calories (only by 100-200 ) but it has been good healthy nutritious food like fruit, lean protein and tons of veggies.  I'm actually thinking of bumping up my calories from 1400 a day to more like 1600... I'm wondering if that why I've kinda been stuck for so long.  I've been doing killer workouts and training for the half Mary in less than a month (YIKES!) but still super slower if at all scale movement.  Hummm  def something to consider, and the fact that I'm hungry lol!!! 

Well I'll leave you with this awesome picture of my ripped arms (I'm kinda in love with them right now) but ignore the stupid face... Ya I don't know what I was thinking either ;)


  1. You are looking awesome! Look at those arms!!

  2. Why I don't get on blogs every day I have no clue. These guns are soooo amazing!


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