Time for School

I was so tired yesterday I just did not have the energy to get online for anything (even Facebook *gasp*).   It was our teacher in service day so basically it was get as much shit done as possible and get ready for the kiddos!!  We really need two days but unfortunately we do not have that luxury.  I did weigh in and was up 2.5 pounds to 172.0  and even though it killed me I was expecting it it's that time of month and though I did do another double gym day... Ran 3 miles in the morning and did a little group circuit with my girls from work, we went to Taco Tuesday after (not the best idea but it was a blast and I really don't get out with this group of girls that often). So between all the junk they fed us at the in service and the 2 margaritas -with salt- chips (just a few) and two tacos I knew I would be up mostly due to all the salt.  The ok news was that most of it was gone today and I was back down to 170.2 so I'm ok with it.  If I'm gonna play I gotta pay!  Time now to buckle down and do this sh!t

Our group this week 

And now time for the damage!

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  1. This week has been nuts! I've been falling asleep early and too tired for the computer as well. There is so much to do when the kids go back to school, and adjusting to a new routine is rough. My weight has been up all summer, and it's slowly coming down, so I am happy about that.


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