WiW The Geriatric Addition

Remember yesterday how I said I would probably NOT hit the 160's this week......
169.5  BOOYAA

Well go figure...  I guess doing a double gym day may have been the trick either that or weighing in on CareBear's scale this morning   But I won't jump for joy just yet, yes I'm happy but I did do two workouts yesterday Side Note***  CB and I normally have our "girls gym & dinner night" every Thursday but for the last 4-6 weeks it's been kinda hit and miss due to vacations (hers not mine like I go any where lol)  and now trying to figure out school and soccer practices.  So now I think we have figured out the scheduled and are going to start doing them on Tuesdays....Which until half training is over will mean a double gym day for me  YIKES!  That also means I will be at her place on Wednesday mornings so I will have to weigh in on her scale... I'm pretty sure they are about the same but just wanted to be on the up and up so ya'll would be like ohh wait that's a different scale (only person that would be hurting to lie to is myself so really why would I want to do that) *** 

So the double gym day consisted of a 3:30am  3.5 mile run on the deathmill then we decided to hit up a body pump class at 5:30pm  so after work and picking up DQ from grammies and a swing by McD's  This girl needed a Diet Coke  STAT!!  if I was gonna make it through another gym sesh.  We headed to our class and it looked like they had switched to a new routine (Les Mills classes tend to run the same "routine" for about 3 months then change it up).  We really weren't that impressed with the new routine and kinda bitched to each other how we hardly even broke a sweat....that was until this morning when neither one of us could barley move!!!  Talk about sore oh.my.word. my butt feels like it's on fire and I can barely lift my lunch bag....and CB is walking like a little old lady lol  well talk about karma biting ya in the ass literally   that's what we get for thinking we were all that and not sweating!
So  back to not jumping for joy quite yet I want to wait a few days and make sure I really have broken through to the "other side" and it's not just because of the double workout day.


  1. Either way- it's looking promising!!

  2. You're doing awesome! I was in the 160s several months ago, but I have gained over the summer. It's all the eating out. I know it will be easier for me when school starts next week and I can get back on my routine. Summer is so hard for me.

  3. Rest days are a blessing, no? The more you work out, the more water you need to drink. Our bodies hold onto water when we exercise. I always weigh my lightest after a good day of water drinking!


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