I had full intention of posting weigh-in Wednesday last week...until I got on the scale...fucking thing  (excuse my french) but that's just how I felt.  I was so damn pissed, disappointed, just, just everything.  I have been so good with my eating ok not perfect but pretty damn close and I have totally been killing it in the work out department I'm talking about 6 days a week and at least a 300 calorie burn and yet I still didn't break into the 160's yet.  I was freaking 170.0...really.  and yes I know I shouldn't let the scale dictate to me but it's my thing, and yes I have written on here that I won't let it dictate my moods or feeling, but  jeez louise can't a girl get a break.

Also on that same line I feel I have been working SOO hard and then not to see the number go down is like a slap in the face.  To be completely honest with myself I know I'm losing I can feel it in my clothes and even in my muscle definition but my eyes want to see it reflected on the scale as well!!  Especially when I feel that I have been burning the candle at both ends so to speak.  I'm eating really well, and I go to gym constantly (and at odd hours as to spend some quality time with the fam), weight lifting, cross truing, and keeping up with my running.  Also throw in that DQ has started school and soccer it's been a mad house.  Oh and now the hubs is working 7 days a week for the next 6-8weeks ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME!!!

So that is why I was MIA again... I was just so angry ok and maybe still a little  that I just wanted to say eff it... I did stay on track with eating just less perfect and I did go to the gym as always (cause I pay for that shit) but  I really just didn't want to write another  "ALMOST THERE BUT NOT QUITE BUT I'M OK WITH IT" post cause I wasn't so that's the story.  and I'm pretty sure I won't hit the 160's tomorrow and I WILL be pissed and probably have a hissy fit, but I need to stay accountable and keep posting and writing cause even though we all love to read about the great successes  there is always some bumps in the road (and if not then that sh*t ain't real or they're not telling the truth)  and it's ok to be pissed and mad this is REAL LIFE and it's not always perfect....

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