Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh In Wedneday

I was really hoping to be in the 160 this week as I've been hoping for the last 8 weeks   but as the norm I am still not there, but I am one step closer I weighed in at 170.4 that's a loss of -1.4   I'm happy about the loss but still disappointed that I haven't broken the 160 yet, it's been eight freaking weeks.  I had the same issue trying to get into the 180's and again into the 170's  (pretty much every new number uggg) so I shouldn't be too surprised but it's still hard mentally to know that you are doing everything right but it still slow going.  I am not and will not let it get to me  ok I may wallow in it for  the day but that's as far as it goes I will just keep trudging along and live my healthy lifestyle and let my body take it's course  cause really what other choice do I have...right?!
Oh and I signed up for the August session of group training :)


  1. I seem to get to the point where I am close to a new decade and it takes me forever to get there. You will be there soon - that loss is great!

  2. I have the same issue with trying to get to the next "decade" and it makes me crazy. I was in the 160s back in June, then we went on vacation and I got sick and my weight will not budge these last few weeks. I am so bummed about it, but doing my best not to let it derail me.


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