They Do Exist

This weekend was pretty chill for the most part.  Friday the hubs and I decided to take DQ to her first drive-in. Yes they really do still exist!! We grabbed a pizza and headed off to see Planes (totally cute movie). I tried telling myself 2 slices if pizza was enough but with the smell of my most favorite food wafting all over the car I had a 3rd ...

I wasn't to thrown off I knew that I was running 5 miles in the morning and I promised myself I would push myself a but more.  Not that you can out train a bad diet, but the rest of the weekend was right on target.  So my running clothes are becoming looser so as not to lose my drawers while running I went out and got a new pair.  I wanted shorts instead of capris this time and this is what I found

HOLY CRAP I'm sportin' hot pink booty shorts IN PUBLIC!!  but I have to admit they don't look so bad..lol who would have thought I would have the guts to do that not me that's for sure. I did good on my run and kept a little over a 12 min pace.  I'm  feeling more confidant training for my half mary this time around.  I'm not sure if it's that I know what to expect or that I'm just getting better.
The rest of the weekend I spent in my new craft room :)  I'm working on opening an etsy store.  I do all kinds of crafting but I'm focusing on hair accessories for my shop.  Seeing as I have 2 girls I always love doing their hair not that DQ is very willing so instead of buy all those super cute bow's and fancy headbands I figured I could make them myself being all crafty like.   Then at school the parents were asking me where I got them and when I told them I had made it I started to get orders and a few even suggested an etsy shop.  So I finally am taking the plunge and try my hand at it.   When I get it up and running I'll post a link and you can all check it out if you like
and finally today is the last day of summer break for DQ so now that we are finally unblocked (we have passes but are blocked out in the summer)  we decided to hit up Disneyland for a mommy DQ date.  I let her chose all the rides and it wasn't very busy until the afternoon.  Luckily she has learned that we can always come back another day and don't have to do everything at once so around 1pm we headed home. 

I took tomorrow off as well so I could walk my baby to her first day of 1st grade (where has the time gone).  Since she goes to school by Grammies I will probably hang out and hit up Joann's Craft looking for some more fun things to tinker with until she gets out of school.


  1. Look at those hot pink booty shorts! Love them! Happy training!!!!!!

  2. Looks like a fun time! I have always wanted to go to a drive-in! There's one in my city, so I'll def be making the trip out there soon! :)

    Rachel Emma
    Daydream Frenzy


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