Preparation is Key

So far this week has been right on track.  Even the weekend went well, it was pretty laid back I did a lot of crafting (and doing up the craft room)  and getting ready for Kyss's baby shower next weekend so a lot of monster stuff was being made, the theme of the party.

I have been doing the early morning  runs for just about two weeks now and am still going strong.  Don't get me wrong it takes all my will just to get out of my warm and comfy bed, but the thought of snuggling with DQ later, taking my time to cook and keeping up with the house catching up on TV  makes it well worth it.  I have actually found a few things that help me stay on track and a bit easier to get moving that early.  

1) I lay my workout clothes (socks, shoes, panties everything) the night before, and actually in an extra room as not to wake the hubs I pop ok not pop but drag my sorry ass out of bed and into the next room and change there.

2) Meal Prep...  I don't mean getting a month or even a weeks worth of food all done up and ready even though I used to be pretty good at that but now I'm pretty damn proud of myself when I can get it figured out the day before I'm talking about getting your breakfast (and in my case lunch too) packed/ready the night before.  I usually make extra dinner for my lunch or throw some thing together but I always put it in my lunch bag in the fridge so I just have to grab it and go.

This is one of my favorite quick and easy go tos..
Berry Protein Smoothie
1c. Spinach
1/2c blueberries
1/2c. strawberries  (but 1 cup of any berries fresh or frozen will do)
6oz unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
1 scoop low sugar Vanilla Whey Protein powder (I use Sprouts brand it's pretty good)
blend and go...yup that easy and as you can see I put the spinach and fruit in the blender the night before just leave it in the fridge and when I get home from the gym I just pull it out add the milk and powder and blend!

3)I take a shower right after I run at the gym, so I get my work clothes ready and packed in my gym or carry along bag making sure I have my toiletries and such.  I find that I take a faster shower at the gym then at home it can be kinda creepy when you are all alone in a big ol locker room so I get in and out pretty quick like. then I just get dressed for work and go.  I used to put my makeup on there to but even after a cold shower my face is still so flushed and sweatin that it was more of a pain in the ass.  So now I just get home a few minutes early and do a quick make-up face now that  I've had time to cool down.

*and since DQ commutes with me I do the same for her by getting her lunch and clothes ready the night before then just throw it all in the car and go.  I'm lucky enough to just grab DQ out f bed and put her in the carseat PJ's and all (Grammie does the rest) 

I get that this may not work for everyone but I prefer morning work outs and specifically looked for a gym that's open 24 hours. Also getting to spend quality
time at home with the fam is a priority for me, so I make it work.  Some of my family and friends think I'm crazy, obsessed, or that I even like it.  Hell no I'm none of those things... And do I like getting up at that ungodly hour NO it's hard as eff!! But I DO like the results, the way I feel, the way I look, and that I am finally healthy!!  Really one hour is a small price to pay for all of that and I LIKE the other 23 hours of the day :)

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  1. I think it's great you are getting up to do that! I know that when I plan and get my workout done early I always feel so good! You look super slim in that photo!


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