Weigh-in Wednesday

Weigh In Wedneday

Today I'm link inking up with these 3 awesome girlies for weigh in Wednesday!

Even though I blew out my back on Sunday I have made it to the gym the last three days.  Mind you they were very mild workouts and consisted more of stretching than anything else.  Honestly I went more to stay in the habit than anything else it's all a mind game sometimes :)

So Monday was the last day for my Group X Training.  So that also meant it was weigh in and measurement day.  I was nervous because I have been yo-yoing that same 3 pounds for the last month.  Well I got on and was only down 1 pound from the beginning of the month (171) boo!
But the awesome thing is I am actually down 3% body fat.  As Soben explained I am losing weight (pure fat) and replacing it with muscle, WOOO WHOOO  I take that any day!  So I figured I needed to take some new progression photos for ya...
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Wow when I look at that it really shows how far I've come in the last year.  The crazy thing there is only about a 10 pound difference in the last two pics.  So even though the scale is not going down as fast as I would like I am seeing results!! 

Oh and my weight this week is 171.8 so I'm down 0.4   I'll  take it 


  1. Whoop, Whoop!!! Keep up the great work! There is a major difference in the pics.


  2. You look so amazing everytime I see you!

  3. You are looking wonderful! Keep up the great work! It's definitely inspiring to see your transformation in the pictures above.

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