Holy iPad

Hi all....
I know are you dying from surprise two posts in two days what-wha???
Well it just so happens I'm writing this post from my fancy-shmancy iPad..... What the heck. I know I almost died from shock myself.

Turns out the Hubs actually likes me (go figure).  Even after my mostly gone with the girls weekend  I was sitting in my craft room when the Hubs comes walking in with a brand new iPad!

I was like wow that's nice, where'd it come from?  Turns out a friend of his needed some electrical work done, but was low on funds but not stuff :) so he asked if the hubs would work for an iPad. Knowing  how much I love apple products (even though he is very anti apple) he figured his baby momma could use a a bigger screen than my tiny iPhone.  Ahhh what a sweetie. 

On the work out front I've been kicken ass and taking names! Until Sunday that is when I tweaked my back doing twisting ball throws with a 12pound medicine ball.  All I can say is OUCH! That shit hurts.  I'm so pissed I haven't had any back issues for almost 2 years the good news is though it hurts it's only slowing me down and not completely stopping me. 

Last week I did my group x training on Monday  & Wednesday then on Tuesday & Thursday I was up at 3:30am to bust out 3 miles on the treadmill.  Friday was rest day then Saturday was supposed to be a run day but I totally slept in, and Sunday was more group training ( where I hurt my back). I'm thinking it was a combination of things since I have done that move many times.  I'm sure walking around the fair, standing for hours on end at the concert, then massages (my muscles to relaxed perhaps??) might have played a part.  

And quite a few Advil.  I also may or may not have taken one of my friends prescription ibuprofen.  

So I called Soben and asked her what she thought about me coming in yesterday (it was our last group class and I really didn't want to miss it) she said to go ahead and come in and we would do a lot of stretching and modifying of moves.  I was a bit nervous but I'm glad I went, my back actually feels better.  More sore and tight than hurting so I went ahead and braved a run this morning (though it was more like a shuffle this time around).  I'm hoping to feel better and the week goes on and if not I'll make an appointment with the chiro. But I'm staying positive and taking it a little slower.

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  1. That is so nice of your husband! I'm sorry your back hurts. I seem to be having one issue after another lately. Nothing major, but I just never seem to feel great, and it sucks.


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