Weigh -In Wednesday

Happy Wednesday all, hope you are having a good one.  I know I said I would be a better blogger and all but shit is still crazy around here.  Not so much planned things but there has been some life and living changes going on.  But first I will tell ya all how my weigh in went today... I'm back down to 170.4  down (-3.4)  as I had hoped last week it was water weight due to my lovely friend TOM.  So now that I am back on track I hope to be in the 160's real soon!  I've been hitting my Group X workouts hard then doing a half hour of cardio after and typically burn about 700-900 cals.   This picture was after a Sunday workout then I followed it up with a green protein smoothie after, recipe will be on here shortly :)

So now to life/living changes.  After teaching in my 2 year old class for 12 years I have moved classes.  The teacher in the 3 year old class retired and I threw my name into the hat of wanting the position.  I know most wouldn't think one year wouldn't  make a difference but you my friends would be wrong!  It's crazy how much a child grows and how much more independent they are (not to mention potty trained, I have been changing diapers and potty training kiddlets for the last 12 yrs holy crap that's alotta well...crap) So the last week and a half I have been getting to organize and make the room my own.  Sounds like fun and it is, but again there is a lotta crap, the teacher that left had been there 20 years and in that time I'm sure you can imagine how much stuff is accumulated.  So I have spent any extra time cleaning and organizing. Then as far as living TaTa has started moving her stuff up to my mom's house so we are kind of in limbo.  TaTa moving her stuff out and me slowly moving my stuff in (it's going to be my new craft room) YIPPEEE I'll be glad to not have to do my crafting/sewing/and what not at the kitchen table anymore.  I'm sad to see her go but I will have to admit it's been quiet around here with the girls NOT fighting or me yelling at the dog (TaTa is taking her dog Emily with her).
So that is why I'm still MIA I promise, really promise to kick it up!

one of my super cool gifts

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  1. Congrat's on the weight loss. I'm hoping that when I weigh in Monday, I'll be where I was before I goofed up on the holiday...we'll see. By the way, you're doing great with your exercise. Keep up the good work!


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