Weigh-In Not Wednesday and TMI

I know I know I said I wasn't going to be late any more... Well to tell you the truth it isn't as much late as I was pissed!  I only lost 0.2  pounds so now I am at 172.2.   I know it's a loss and I should be happy but I have been teetering on the brink of the 160's like forEVER  and I'm so sick of it.
I have been spot on with eating, and totally killin it at the gym.  I'm sure some of it has to do with TOM again... Yup you read that right


TOM came to visit me around 4th of July weekend (hence the crazy gain) then it was business as usual, or so I thought.  I have had this slight pain in what I can only descried as my left ovary for that last few months.  not bad, but def getting worse every month.  I kind chalked it up as "weird cramps" but then last month I felt a lump.  YEA just a bit scary so I made an appt. with my girly doctor.  The only problem is she is on vacation.  So I need up seeing a different DR. last week  Big MISTAKE!! I was literally sitting in that stupid gown on the table for like 45min at least.  Then when the DR. came in she was like in there for 10 MAYBE 15 minutes tops (and that included checking out my lady parts).  In the 30 seconds I had to tell her what it felt like and show her, she felt it real fast then waved it off and said "oh it's just scar tissue from your C-Section" ... YO lady I had those things like 19 and 6 years ago and this just started hurting like a few months ago when my period started becoming all wonky and sometimes having like 2 in a month. WTF???   So anyway now that you know more than any one wants to really know about a person, TOM came again yesterday and that little lump hurts like HELL!  Needless to say looks like I'm going back to the DR.  but I'm going to wait till mine is back from vacation!


  1. OMG that is so crazy, and that DR sounds freaking ridiculous! I hate you are having to wait, but definitely so happy you're not a crazy person like "yeah, this pain in my whoo-hah is just no big deal. I don't need a dr.".. Hope that everything lines out. And as far as the .2, I completely feel you. I've been bossing it for the past two weeks hard, and I feel like I'm not losing as much as I'm working to lose. *Eye roll* Oh well ;)

  2. sorry you're having such TOM issues. I can relate, I had the same issues (started just like yours) and dealt with it for 18 months, progressively getting worse every month to the point I had to call in to work for a couple days every month, ended up going to the ER. I went from being super active to I couldn't walk half a mile without doubling over and crying. Make an appt with your doc to get help. I found a lot of good information on a site called hystersisters.com too. Hope you get relief soon!


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