It's Official

Welp it's official I have started Half Marathon training as of this morning!!!

I haven't signed up for the actual race yet yea though my legs and mind are ready for the commitment my wallet not so much and the I'm thinking of possibly doing a different race than the Long Beach Half.  It's the Spooktacular 10k but they also have a half mary course.  No other reason than it's a bit cheaper, way closer to my house the bling sooo freaking cute.

I just love sugar skulls chalk it up to my Mexican heritage I suppose lol.  So I  haven't quite decided yet but I am doing one go them so it's time to get out and hit the pavement, or in this case, this morning it was the rubber as I did my run on the treadmill at 4:00AM!! Damn it was early but I'm really trying to balance my workout routines and being home with the family, and keeping up with my house (somewhat)! 

Really it should be illegal to sweat this much at this time of the morning!


  1. Awesome! Congrats on making your goal. You won't regret it. The bling is awesome!

  2. Get it!!! SO excited for you! And yes that sugar skull is phresh.


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