Weigh-In Wednesday

Hi all just popping in for a quick sec to let you all know how weigh in went to day.  I was up 2 pounds (172.4) .  I guess that hamburger left it's mark Oh ya and the ribs the Hubs made on Sunday didn't help much either.  But it's ok I'm hittin' it hard at the gym this week, and am rocking the food choices.  So I hope to have a good loss next week.

On another note I have started running again I kinda took a break not intentionally really just sorta fell out of the habit when I started doing the group training at the gym.  I have discovered that I really, REALLY love lifting weights and doing a crossfit style of work out (also the fact that it is hot as hell here didn't help).   But the other morning it was it was so nice and cool and a bit over cast when I woke up... I just felt like I wanted to lace up my kicks and go so I did.  I was a pretty good run for not running for almost 2 months.  I mean if you don't count the one minute sprints we do during training.  I was pleasantly surprised at my pace and found that my speed actually has increased but I did need to take a few walk breaks (my lungs weren't as ready as my legs were for the run).  BUT that being said I'm 99.9% positive I'm going to do the Long Beach Half Marathon in October so as of next week I have 12 weeks to train!!  Time to break out the Hal Higdon training plan...


  1. Wow! Good for you. I wish I could run like that.

  2. Awesome time on your run! I've been off running because I've been sick. My weight is up too, which is depressing. I am supposed to start my half training soon, so I am trying to stay positive and hope that I am all the way better.


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