I Knew I Should of Named Those Cupcakes

Last weekend when I was gettin' in girl time with the DQ She wanted to make cupcakes…
Ahh..Lawd really  we all know I can't resist a cupcake so I did some damage control I "healthied" up the cupcakes with this little and super easy trick.

Yup that's all you need.  But wait,  I actually only used a half of the can and froze the other half for another time.  I also added about 1/3 cup water and that was it.

The batter is very, VERY thick so just scoop it in, then bang the pan a bit to set them
and bake at 350 for 35ish minutes.

and don't forget the best part

then add some frosting, since it's healthier it totally cancels it out right?

maybe a sprinkle or a gillion...

and enjoy!

P.S. We made lemon cupcakes and the pumpkin does not change the flavor at all , but my favorite way to do this is with spice cake mix so yummy and perfect for fall.

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