WiW... Back on Track

So this is the damage from vacation. It's not pretty. 6 pounds up,  I knew there would be some gain but I was hoping for less. But it is, what it is and I can only go forward from here. 

And even though I'm back from vacation I haven't really been home.  Yesterday was our staff development day and they put us up at the beautiful Shorebreak Hotel in Huntington Beach. 

And even though I just wanted to sit on the balcony with this beautiful view and a glass of wine telling myself "just one more day" I grabbed my kicks and headed to the beach path for a run. 

Then I had that glass of wine with these awesome girls. 

And since we weren't fully ready to be back Carrie and I decided to pretend we were still on island time.
I am still a little messed up with my time so I was up at the crack of dawn.  I chanced it and text Barb to see if she was wake...she was so I told her to get moving and meet me in lobby for a morning run.  We did a quick 5k then spent the rest of the day at our staff development.  
I am so glad that I made myself get up and get back on track instead of falling into old habits.  Yes I gained (a bit much) over vacation and I'm not happy but I don't regret it and I'm back full force ready to get working again.

This may not be the Caribbean but really how awesome is Southern California in November. 

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  1. This is the second time I've tried to fix the no-reply blogger following instructions but don't know if it works...

    You'll have that vacation weight off in no time!


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