Back to Reality

Reality has come crashing down hard today. So this  gonna be some what short a sweet or quick and dirty depending on how you like it ;) maybe both?

 After waking up to this every morning

and doing this pretty much everyday...

This plane ride was hard. We are smiling cause we got seats with extra leg room for the last flight home! Score...See sometimes it pays to not here your name called at the gate.
The hubs is sitting across the aisle from me don't worry I dragged his ass home with me, if I had to leave so did he.

Actually the whole day was exhausting, the van picked us up from the resort at 10am eastern time and I finally crawled into my bed at 2am Pacific time...that's like 20 hours of travel/waiting around in airports time. (I am NOT a mathematician so it may be give or take a few hours lol) 

Then cause I'm still off a bit time wise, my happy butt was up at 5am so I started to unpack, and start the vacation laundry.  I swear everything in my suit case was  slightly damp.  Nothing ever seemed to dry out there with all the humidity.

So 3 loads later it was off to the grocery store.  We seriously had nothing in the house, except coffee THANK YOU JESUS!  and yes I made sure of it before we left. Failing to plan is planning to fail, am I right? 

Look at all the loveliness.  It is time to get back on track so it was all the healthy stuff ok yes there are chips in there too, a request from DQ but come on I needed the extra mom points I did just go on vacation without her..lol

And then I had to pack again because we are having our teacher in service tomorrow night into Tuesday  and they booked us a room at the hotel.  It's right on the beach so really I guess my vacay isn't quite over.  

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  1. It's hard to get back to reality but at least you get another day to be by the beach! (Although I bet the view was much better where you were!) Glad you guys had a wonderful time!


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