Oh Hey Friday's Five

Like what I did there in the title lol so let's get straight to it 

I have been detoxing from my vacation and this has been my breakfast of choice lately a green Protien smoothie and a slice of cinnamon raisin Ezekiel toast.  So good! 
Staying strong in my detox mode I have fought these urges.  Not that it's horrible but I had already eaten my lunch, so I popped some gum in my mouth and just said no. 
It is finally sweater weather here, if you can call 65-70 degrees cold...sorry my mid west and northern friends. 


In keeping with the name of my blog I need to stay on track and get to losing because I must borrow this outfit from TaTa... So cute and I am digging her new pixie cut.  Sorry for the shitty pic.


And lastly this first week back has been the longest week ever!! So I had a at home happy hour.  It was so yummy and I kept the portions under control to minimize any damage. 

Have a great weekend!! 


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  1. I love connamon rasin toast, so good and yay for sweater season. It got immediately freezing here and I'm not OK with that.


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