WiW…Waffles and Workouts

It's a weigh in wednesday with no actual weigh-in, this week.

It's got a little to do with this...
But mostly because I wasn't home.  Yesterday was DQ's back to school night so I stayed at Carrie's house and got to sleep in a whole hour (5:30)!!  But yes after the school thing, Grammie and I went to Bruxie's for dinner.  It was sooo good and worth every bite, I will be going again but maybe as a treat meal after a killer hike or a race. 

I have been killing the workouts again Monday DQ had a bit of a pool party hangover (aka too much swimming in water not enough drinking it) and didn't feel good so she stayed home.  When the hubs got home I was able to hit the gym before the after work crowd.
Since it was pretty empty still I did something I never do... free weights.  I don't know why I feel so uncomfortable "lifting" on my own but I really like it so I put on my big girl panties and did it!

I have a few of these workouts I put together and printed out, but I felt a little like a dork bringing in the paper so I just too a picture with my phone and referred back to that  when I needed to.  

Guess what no one stared, no one pointed and laughed or told me I din't know what I was doing, in fact no really cared.  I got in a great workout, and felt awesome! 

and even though I don't have a "scale" measurement today I have this.

Pictures can speak a thousand words.

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  1. Hey, you look great!!!! isnt it funny how we feel the earth is gonna shake as soon as we do something new in the gym or in life. Im proud of you for going to the free weights, that is an intimidating place. You did good. :-)

  2. Yea! You look awesome!

  3. Forget the scale, those are the best kind of measurements!! Awesome job getting in the weights... and I completely understand, even though it shouldn't be, heading to the weights section at the gym is SO intimidating!! Great job! (PS - those waffles look amazing! ha!)

  4. Oh wow, what a difference in your fotos!

  5. Great job. Glad you got out there!

  6. Great job going to lift! You look great!

  7. WOOHOO! Girl those free weights intimidate the hell out of me too. Don't worry about the scale right now and just worry about how you feel (and those waffles do look so so so good!!!!!)

  8. What a great idea - taking a picture of your workout on your phone to take with you to the gym! Love it!

  9. wow! that transformation is amazing. who needs a scale when you have those pictures


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