WiW....Letting Go

Hi today is WiW and my weekend recap since I was to lazy(not gonna lie) to post on Monday.
It's not bad but I am up one pound. Honestly that is way better than I thought it was going to be. 

  I fully expected it with all about the salty snacks this weekend.  But I stuck with make sure to exercise though I did take Friday and Monday as rest days. 
My baby is all grown up... and that makes me one old proud mama.
We spent the weekend moving TaTa in to her own apartment, not even roommates. She is doing it all on her own.  Like I said this makes me so proud and happy for her but at the same time a little nervous a worried.  Not that she won't be able to do it, that I know she can do. It's just the living all alone that scares me a bit, luckily she is pretty close by though. I just have to let her go and trust in her.  Moving actually went pretty quick though seeing as she really hasn't accumulated a bunch of crap yet...But oh the stairs, I swear I must climbed 100 flights.

After we were done we met up with friends and had dinner at Lazy Dog.  I wasn't to bad I stuck with the chicken lettuce wraps but I did have a few nachos and a few too many sangrias.
Sunday I woke up early and picked up TaTa (bouns of her living so close now) and we hiked the Claremont Loop going up seemed to take forever but then we ran most of the way down.  Then hit up the farmers market for some fresh veggies and of course a starbucks.  I also finally got my chicken coop it's too cute and we got most of it together I just wasn't to weather proof it before we finish it.
Monday was super laid back, our friends came over and we swam and relaxed by the pool.  It was a little harder to be as good food wise with all the yummy chips and dip around (they brought lunch) and an awesome sub sammie.  Again with a few drinks so no wonder my weigh is up.  Time to get back to it.


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  1. Oh what fun it looks like!

  2. Sorry about the gain but looks like you guys had a wonderful weekend!

  3. It's probably just the salt. That pound will be gone before you know it!

  4. Fun weekend! I think it's harder to limit the adult beverages during the summer. They're so tasty on a hot day!


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